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Applications & devices

A function is an application, an application is a function.

Unlike traditional home automation system, John OS is based on functions and not on devices. In other words, in the implementation of a project with John OS, the user selects the wished functions and automatically the list of needed devices will be created.


For the first time in a home automation system is possible to add new functions in a easy, fast and safe way. Using the same principle of the smart phones, adding new functions will be easy as download a new applications.

The Applications Maket will allow us to search and download new applications and inform us if the chosen application needs additional devices.

In this way our John OS can be made piece by piece, without high starting costs. For example our first purchase, ordered directly from the web site, can be the starter package that include applications for the management of lighting and heating. After a test period, we can decide to buy other applications from the Application Market to integrate and increase benefits of John OS.


Light, radiators, blinds, doors, curtains, air conditioner, windows, brise soleil, valves, electric engines, irrigation system, and any kind of sensor sensors are devices.

And also tv, closets, mobiles, washbasins, stairs, fridges, beds, toilettes, carpets, walls, ovens, baths, computers, hard disks, door bell, cameras, Hifi, tablets…

These and others are “devices” that applications can use. An example of integration between applications and devices is if when an application suggests us a receipt basing on what we have on our kitchen, it needs “to ask” to the fridge what we have

The integration between applications and items around us can be worried. But there is nothing to be afraid if the control of the system is in our hands. This functionality is TheAskRules: when we download an application we decide which devices can be used and we can change idea every time we want.

As explained before, the Application Market give us for any application a list of devices for the correct use of the system. Functions can have devices essentials or optionals; in this case the list gives us only the essentials, giving us the choice to select the optionals.