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Needs and any new requests of the users are perfectly catched by John. In order to describe you in details the many advantages of John, we divided the page in section, each one dedicated to a stakeholder of the home automation/real estate market: final users, system integrator, building contractors and architects.

Of course we advice you to read every section in order to discover the countless benefits that John OS can offer.

For the final users...

Take as example a daily action: getting at home. We open the door, we switch on the heating or the air conditioning and we turn on the light and the stereo in order to prepare a comfortable and relaxing environment around us.

With John O.S we can decide if we want a support and when we want this help.

John OS can check if the door is close after we are in, reducing in this way energy waste or blocking the entrance to thieves.

John allows us to save time and energy with other supporting actions: keys can be substituted by Bluetooth devices integrated in our mobile; the best temperature can be calculated and automatically set up according to the external temperature, humidity, our biorhythm but also to the activities we are going to do in the immediate future; music will be switched on by a vocal order and the choice of songs will follow our taste or our mood. Then the light will be not our thought anymore: John O.S will choose the perfect level of light, using both natural and artificial lighting system.

They are easy features (applications) of John O.S.. According to our needs will be easy to increase or decrease its capacity and participation in our lives.

Packages as Energy conservation, Comfort or Safety box will be available and the right combination of applications will make our home, the house of our dreams.

Everyone can project and install autonomously it’s home automation based on John OS.

For the system integrator...

An home integration system is more flexible than the usual electric systems, has lower installation and maintenance costs, get automatic the regular habits functions, increase security, get better the energy efficiency and much other...

What are the advantages of John OS in comparison with a traditional home automation system?

The easiness to integrate new functions reduces costs and time for the system integrators during the implementation of new projects; the possibility to use devices with different standards and the easiness in its configuration, make John OS the home automation system more user friendly available in the market. Last but not least it’s affordable, in fact the same functions are given by John at a cheaper price than any other domotic system.

In the Application Market there are many applications fitting any environment: from general ones suitable for any building, such as lighting control and energy efficiency, to ones dedicated to places such as hospitals, hotels, theatres and also factories and farms that need dedicated applications. Applications can be developed by any programmer, thanks to John O.S. specifications (available soon in this web site), without compatibility problems between devices, standards and structures.

As said, John OS is multi-standard because include the use of the most important standards such as KNX, Lon Works, ZigBee, EnOcean, X10, OneWire and others. It reduces complexity, time and costs.

Then the customer have the feeling that the system is developed for his needs, giving him more satisfaction.

Follow the link “How to get John OS” to find the steps to implement an home automation with John OS.

For the producer...

John OS system gives many advantages also to producers of any kind of product.

In fact any product can be integrated with John OS, not only smart phone or tablets, but also taps, lifts, wardrobes, ovens, beds, stairs, doors, rubbish bins...

For example try to imagine a shower that turn on and off automatically and in addition memorize the temperature of the water; or more wouldn’t be great if your closet suggests you what to wear after having consulting the weather forecast and your agenda? And what an idea if the rubbish bin helps us in respecting the waste separation and inform us when it’s time to empty it.

Any product can be integrated and regenerate itself thanks to John OS.

Guidelines for developers and “How to”'s for integrate new products or services are available in the web site.

For the architects...

Home automation is already a fact and its advantages are well-known (energy conservation, more functions and increase of the project value).

Thanks to domotics our projects are in a new dimension where houses come to life in order to respond to the users needs.

In the most of the major buildings (stadiums, hotels, airports...) home automation systems are already used, for example to manage bioclimatic systems (see doc “[Diff - ENG] Guideline to merge architecture and home automation.pdf”), but also to create ornamental effects such as light or water special effects. In this area John OS can support any needs, helps architects and give added value in terms of more efficiency and optimization of time and cost.

Last but not least home automation give an high value added to your project and represent an attractive element to catch customers.