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Why don’t you join us?

New ideas, graphics, comments... you can help us in many way to make John O.S. Project biger...

Not only bugs

Very important for us is to know our users’ opinion on John O.S.. Helping us to identify bugs is essential, but not only. Also opinion or new ideas (a new application or an esthetic change) are very important to shape the program to the customers’ needs and tastes.

You can send your opinion every time you want using the web site, applications and also the Integrated Development Environment (ADK - Application Development Kit).

We want to create a new big team where developers and users can improve the system and offer the best solutions to problems: Open Source spirit.

Development and design

If you are a developer or a designer you can actively take part of our project with you skills and creativity. Write an email to our team, we will contact you soon to show the goals you can help us to reach.