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How to get John O.S

In order to give you a complete offer we propose you four ways to get John O.S..


  1. Select applications and confirm the devices’ order
  2. Install the devices according to the manual
  3. Enjoy John O.S.

In just 3 steps it is possible to get your own home automation and personalize it according to your preferences.

Directly from the web page it is possible to select applications, divided by topics, tags or advices by users.

Everytime we select a new function, the list of devices that you need is updated. In case of two or more applications need the same devices, the list is updated only after the first selection.

At the end you are asking to specify the number of devices you need - the number depends on the dimension of the house/building.

The web site supports the users in the installation of the devices: in fact users will find manuals, video and forum in their personal account that will allow them to communicate with our technical staff. Installation will be easy and safe.

After having connected the devices and after the switch on of John O.S., a wizard appears and John O.S. introduces himself, explaining you what it does and what it can do and then it asks you to introduce yourself. According to the selected functions, the wizard asks you about your house geographic location, your personal tastes or your agenda and a few other questions in order to adapt the functions to your habits and needs.

Don’t worry about privacy, we are working a lot about it whit functions like TheAskRules system.


Platform John O.S is an Open source project, so it is possible to download and compile directly from the source code. The expert users can directly personalize the soul of John O.S. and cooperate with the developers in the implementation of new applications and in the corrections of bugs.

The source code it is available in a git repository (DVCS system). Currently we are in a test phase and if you want to join us in the development team, please contact us at the following email

System integrator

Some home systems need to be implemented by system integrators due to their high complexity. The diagram below supports system integrators to implement new projects:

Process design for system integrators
  1. Technology selection: the technology / standard is selected depending on the project requirements. In case of implementation of a mix system, in the next steps devices can be replaced with equivalent device of different standards.
  2. Application selection: after interviews with customers / final users it is possible to choose the functions.
  3. Application pre configuration: this step is an online configuration editor; any selected application can be configured in details. In this way the product is ready to use and the final customer has not anything to do than enjoy John O.S..
  4. Devices confirmation and modification: the devices list is automatically generated but changes are always possible.
  5. Conflict resolution: the process automatically verifies the association between applications and devices. In case that a changes in the last step generate conflicts, during this step the problems are identified and corrected.
  6. Project outline: list of applications and devices and total prices. The preempt can help in the preparation of the economic offer to final users.
  7. Payment: order confirmation and electronic payment.
  8. File download: John O.S platform is downloaded immediately with the selected applications. In this way it is possible to check if the customers’ requirements are satisfied and if not it is possible to change the order before the devices package is sent. Not only files, but also installation manual is downloaded by the website.

Starter kits

Easiest is impossible! Starter kits are available on web to install by your own your personal home automation based on Jonh O.S.

Starter kits include applications, devices and instructions for installation. During the purchasing phase we will ask you more information about your house and your plan, such as "how many lights John will control?", "where your house is geographically placed?" or "how many rooms?".