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What’s: John O.S. and home automation


John O.S is a home automation system, is a operative system is an applications container.

Using other words John O.S. it is a software that allows us to manage our building, getting them intelligent.

We believe that an intelligent building must comply people’s needs both in terms of comfort, safety and energy conservation.

Thanks to John O.S. you can take care of your house by web, monitor and analyses consumptions, and reduce waste and cost by more than 40% of household expense.

Modular, thus easy

We choose to offer to our customers a model based on applications for the use of John O.S., the same used for smart phones and tablets, because it is already well known and allows high level of personalization.

Every application matches with a function available in our house. Any kind of application is likely: an application to manage the multimedia, another that teaches us new receipts, one that helps us to control and manage the energy production and consumption and even ones that check the state of health of the flat mates.

Applications will be thousands and will growth and growth in the future because everyone will be allowed to access to the software specifications and will be able to create his own application and offer or sell it to others. In addition applications can communicate and exchange info, as the application that manages our mobile interacts with the application to organize our photos as a result that our photo album will be always updated and saved.

Open Source means transparency

Conscious about doubts and fears of our customers we decide to publish John O.S. platform with a Open Source license. In this way John OS code will be open to everybody and any professionals will be able to study and improve it. Thanks to the Open Source community and the structure of the platform John OS we can offer an excellent product in terms of stability, innovation and safety.

Our commitment to open John OS platform is also a thank you to the huge efforts made by the Open Source community.

Our core business will be not the sale of John OS, but the creation and sale of new applications and the supply of the technical support.